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Big Weekend… at home

Sometimes I think I must be un-American. I hate shopping. Well, hate is a strong word. I like shopping, on certain occasions. I do not enjoy shopping when there are many other people shopping.

My sister-in-law does the black Friday thing every year. Fortunately, she has never asked me to go. I like being around people, I just want to maintain my own space, and pushing through crowds to get to the next item on my list is not the way to go. Besides the fact, it is annoying to plan on getting something, and then find that it is all sold out.

Over the years I have tried several methods to deal with this problem and still get all my shopping done. One particular year, during a stent at a retail department store, I bought Christmas all year long. Literally. I had the entire top of my closet stuffed with trash bags that hid everyone’s gifts. I bought things that were on sale, and had tons for everyone in the family by the time Christmas arrived. It was a blast handing all of it out.

There have also been years I went the opposite, waiting until the last minute and grabbing one small item for each person on my list in a midnight trip to wal-mart. I spent a lot less money that year for sure.

This year, I am not going to be doing a lot of shopping. Going to get a few gifts for the kids in the family and that is about it. Otherwise, I am spending all my time making new addys for my books. I have also been reading a few other authors works and posting some reviews, a nice switch I think.

The house is really quiet right now, which is also nice. No kids here this weekend, and I will be missing the noise soon, but for right now, I am really enjoying it.

Blog Review – the First Word Is In!!!

I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. My first blogged review is UP!!!    http://msme28reviews.blogspot.com/2013/11/review-new-life-life-of-recovery-by.html is the link, and it is 4 stars WOOT!!!

I realize many people would be disappointed at not getting 5 on their first try, but getting 4 on my the first blog review for my first novel ever just makes me so ecstatic – especially when I will be the first to tell you, Book 1 – Life of Recovery is not the best one in the series.

I think it is good, don’t get me wrong, but  as it is dark and full of background information, almost like a prequel to the rest of the set. And I know they get better as they go…

Now I cannot wait to see what others have to say about this book, as well as the ones that will be following. Thank you so much Myra for reading and posting this for me, I know being the first on something like this is tough, as there are so many authors out there now, all wanting to get their books read and reviewed, and I truly appreciate your time.

I realize this may qualify as the worst blog post ever, but I have to go now… I need a tissue…

Much love,


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