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FORGOTTEN ANGEL – Joy of Release Day

Wow – this summer’s finale is finally here! And what a wonderful little adventure this has been. I started rereading Summer Angel (book 1) in the series before bed, and am swept away once more into the second plane, where guardian angels reside.

While I was reading, I noticed something interesting; how bits and pieces have seen their way into other works of mine. You have not seen The Wicked Awakened, since it is not being released until Halloween, but it also has magic in it, and I have discovered that I LOVE writing about mystical beings.

In the Summer Spirit Novellas, the angels use magic extensively. It permeates every part of their lives, and is completely part of who they are. In Dark Angel, Clarisse no longer has her powers, and even comments how difficult it was to adjust to being ‘normal.’

I don’t want to give too much away, so I will tell you instead where this series came from. In actuality, it was written to be a standalone – and each book has a definite conclusion to the problem at hand, so there are no cliff hangers. The idea for it came from a day I spent with my soon to be thirteen year old son, a portion of which appears in Summer Angel. I told him his little idea would make a good story, and of course, then I had to write it for him.

However, as soon as my girls got their hands on SA, I began getting requests for a sequel, as the characters were too compelling to leave them where I had… sigh. And thus, another series was born. Not that I’m complaining – these books have been so much fun to create.

I have kept each novella length, compressing all the important parts into the story, while maintaining a length that can be read in a couple of hours, so they make good travel books, for a car or plane ride. I have also kept them very clean, with the naughty parts and violence mild or hidden… you know it’s there, but it’s not in your face, so to speak. Again, good practice for me, I think. My first series is 7 connected books long… almost half a million words of dark, violent and graphic material, so this is definitely something different.

Anyway, I have ideas to continue, more or less, next summer, with a new set of three novella stories. Whether or not it will be the same story line or not, I have not decided. I guess I will know when it gets to be closer to time to write them. Until then, all 3 are on sale for only 99 cents each, as of today, so please enjoy my little magical creation.

Reflecting Upon the Past

I woke up early again today – just before 4 am. I have been sick, and still not really feeling myself. Unsure of what I wanted to write about today, I just scrolled through my blog and read my posts, reflecting on what they said. Then, I realized what I want to say most today.

Reflection is something I don’t think we spend enough time doing in our busy world today. I know for myself, I do reflect about things, or obsess about events, but that worry over how things should have gone or what should have happened isn’t really reflection. It reminds me of JFK, where the “who and the what” are just for show, and keeps us from getting to the important part… the “why” of things.

True reflection is an honest evaluation of some event, why it was what it was. For example, when planning a lesson, a teacher goes through several stages, from gathering materials and planning, to implementing and instructing, and finally reflecting. That last piece is often left out, but is necessary if he or she is going to objectively look at the effectiveness of the lesson and carry that on to the next one.

So how does this apply to everyone else? Well, for starters, it reminds me so much of Dr. Phil, and his “and how’s that working out for you?” I have had a few people say this to me over the years, and to be honest it was a real eye opener. For example, it is far more effective than a lecture could ever be, as it requires self reflection and honesty from within. I have adopted it for myself, and try to use it when ever I can to get the people who are complaining about some aspect of their lives or some turn of events that seems to be recurrent in their lives to think about why this is actually happening rather than focusing on the events themselves.

There is that old saying, something about those who do not learn from their mistakes are destined to repeat them. We can’t learn if we don’t take the time to reflect, and with so much activity going on around us, who has time for that? I guess that is one reason I have learned to be an early riser, normally getting up at 5 am and not waking anyone else in the house until 6 am. I do this so that I have that first full hour to be calm and gather my energy for the day. It also makes me see more clearly, having the quiet without interruptions to impede my train of thought.

Specifically, I am loving this blog. More than I thought that I would, and looking back at my first few posts I can see and am reminded of how unsure I was about putting so much out for other people to read. However, I am now grateful that those posts are out there, and that I can look back over this whole process and… reflect. I can now see why journals are so effective for people who are wanting to grow and change, and I definitely recommend doing some type of blogging or journaling to anyone and everyone pretty much. You never know what you are going to learn about yourself when you have it in writing to go back and read.

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