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Christmas Giveaway

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THIS kicks off at 3 am CST…
Merry Christmas, from Samantha Jacobey…
Get all 3 of the Writer’s Block Short stories for FREE Dec. 24th and 25th
The Agent – An author of dark tales is looking for someone to represent her. An agent who thinks all writers are the same wants the job. Will one lunch date be enough to convince him that she’s different… hyperurl.co/yv9bg9
The Obsession – An author of dark tales hits a rough patch in her relationship with her significant other; one that lands her in the psych ward. Is this a speed bump or a major detour on the road to success… hyperurl.co/zjn027
The Storm – An author of dark tales is off on another adventure. After picking up her sister, Sam and Mel are in the Houston area to attend a book signing. However, things are never easy for the middle-aged writer, and a hurricane threatens to spoil more than just their weekend… hyperurl.co/ta3mbp
THANK YOU ALL for your reading, reviewing and support for 2015 and I hope to keep you on your toes in the year to come!!
❤ Sam
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Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Valentine’s Day GIVEAWAY!!!

WHOOP!!! My first ever attempt at using the Rafflecopter is live on my page – please feel free to claim your entries and spread the word.

i know many of you have already done some of the items, and I tried to give plenty of new things to do as well 

Prizes include:
$25 amazon giftcard
1 hard back copy of Recovery or Doubt
1 paper back copy of Recovery or Doubt
3 ebook copies of Recovery or Doubt

These are all AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY (everyone 18+ is welcome to play) AND all books are winner’s choice and signed, of course.






Follow this link to go straight to the drawing…


New Catagory – About the World

So I woke up this morning with thoughts pouring out of my brain. I know, big shocker right? I realized that I have things that I want to talk about that are not really about me and they are not really about my book. I need a new category.

I am going to call this new category About the World, because I have little pieces I want to share that have to do with the world as a whole. For example, as a teacher, I have some thoughts and ideas about the world of education, and society as a whole, that I just need to get off my chest.

So let me share this little piece of new broader insight that I want to put out there. If you got something for free, does it really have value to you? I realize that if you won a prize, say a free car, that would have value. You could look it up and say it was worth how much ever the car would cost you.

Furthermore, you could sell the car and then you would have some monetary amount. That would have value. But what if you were given something you couldn’t see? Would it have value? Would you care whether or not you got it?

This is how I am seeing the classroom right now – full of students who are getting something for ‘free’. Of course it isn’t free. Education is very expensive in the big scheme of things. The problem is, it is free to the kids. It doesn’t cost them anything. The law says they have to go, they have to take it. The issue with that is, they don’t see any value in it, or at least many of them don’t.

Rather than go in wanting to learn what they can, a segment of the school population is just waiting to turn old enough to quit, or just getting by until they are done. So what are they doing while they wait? Buying and selling drugs, damaging school property, fighting and or harassing other students, giving teachers grief, sleeping, having sex on campus, you name it.

The point is, how do we give our kids the understanding of what value this time in their life really has? I know there are many issues feeding into this – MANY issues, and I will talk about some of them at a later time, no worries. For now I want to let this idea percolate for a bit… how do we give something we can’t see or touch value when it didn’t ‘cost’ us anything?

Random Vs. Random

I love the word random. It implies so many things. I myself am a random person. That means that I have the tendency to change directions in quick, unpredictable moments of fancy. Now, those who have known me the longest are calling BS at this exact moment, because I am also known as a planner, keeping my work done far in advance and coming up with some very great plans. I keep my day’s schedule lined out, seeming to be upset when things are not moving according to plan. What they don’t realize is, that this is a coping mechanism to counteract my randomness and to help me be successful in a non-random world.

So what exactly does it mean to be random? To me, it means that I can think fast on my feet and can come up with information and ideas at a moments notice, and often these are great plans. I have held many jobs where this ability has served me well. Working with a large number of people, such as with the public, being able to change directions or come up with a plan on the fly is a great benefit. It also means that I am pretty unpredictable and have to work hard not to be scattered.

What it really means is that the creative juices always flow, and that I am thinking when there is no reason to be. I guess you could say I am planning, even when there is no benefit to planning. There have been times that I would have paid to make the never ending stream of thoughts that go on inside my head stop, and just be quiet, and enjoy the moment, and stop planning or thinking 5 steps ahead. Perhaps this is why those who know me and see me from the outside think I am a planner; because to some extent, they are right.

I am a planner. I plan ahead and hope for the best. Then I change the plan. Often. By the time we get there, how things go is seldom how my plan started out. Furthermore, having things go according to plan is sometimes downright  boring. I mean, I love doing things that I plan on for a while, but then after it has been going for a bit, or I really get good at it, I just get tired and I am ready to do something else. That’s random. Or was that the plan?

So here is my random act of the day – giving my books away. I changed my cover page here on my blog to explain how I am going to do that. If you are interested in checking out a FREE copy of my book – Life of Recovery, be sure to visit the main page on my blog. Now for the plan…. you need to be 18+, as this is an Adult Novel, and it is NOT a self-help book, nor is it of a religious base. If you are interested in receiving a free copy, please visit my new front page at https://samanthajacobey.wordpress.com/, as the page that I planned and put there is now boring to me and I have selected another to take its place. See, I guess that was the plan.

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