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Best Christmas Present Ever

Well, I am home this evening after receiving the best Christmas present ever. At 2:15 am cst last night, my first grandchild was born.

I got home from work, expecting to go up to the hospital at 10 pm for her induction, to find her mom was already at the hospital and having contractions. Since the hospital is in the next town, I dropped everything and headed over, not even bothering to change clothes.

It was a long night – full of ups and downs. After all was said and done, and a bit to everyone’s relief, Savanna was born via C-section after going into distress and all the scary thoughts and fears that go along with that. I am so thankful that everything worked out and that mother and daughter are now resting comfortably. Both should be heading home tomorrow.

In the near future, I will probably be making some blog entries about this new addition to our family, as I have already realized some things that I want to make commentary on, but for nowI just want to keep it simple.

So tonight – I want to send a shout out to my wonderful son and his beautiful life mate and wish them the best of luck with the first addition to their family. May she bring them hours, days and years of joy. I love you all very much!!!

A Special Treat for You… and Me

I have been working on so many things the last few weeks, and as it is Sunday, I decided to give myself a special treat. I love my books and the story they hold, and the thing that makes me the happiest is to share it.

In celebration of this, I prepared a special small excerpt from Book 1 – Life of Recovery.

It is a very simple portion, yet it gives a great deal of insight into Tori’s character, her upbringing, and her frame of mind, both in the past and for the present. Please give it a read and see what you think…

Home Sweet Home

Have a great day!!!

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