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Mission Accomplished

After months of reworking the interiors of my fifteen titles, I can finally say they are as close to perfect as I can make them!

I want to thank Liz, our NEW fearless leader at Lavish Publishing, for allowing me the opportunity to refurbish them. We gave them all matching fonts, slimmed sizes, and top notch editing (it was good before, but now it’s even better). It was not an easy task, and I learned a great deal about the whole formatting process through the experience. Thank you lady; you have made me one happy author.

On that note, it’s official – my publisher is now under NEW MANAGEMENT! It feels odd, and I’m still having a hard time describing the change that has taken place. I mean, the company is still the same; I’m still with Lavish Publishing, LLC, so it’s not really a new publisher. But, with a new owner comes many changes, both good and bad. All I can say is that I’m excited and hopeful for the future, and I will take the things that are not to my choosing in stride, making the best of it. Overall, I think it’s going to bring good things my way, and our way as a whole.

I can tell you, we will be doing things differently, and there are some growing pains coming. As the changes come, there will be formal announcements made for the new authors that have been signed (squeeee), while others quietly slip away and become self-published or sign with new houses. It’s a little sad, really, and I wish them the best of luck in their new endeavours. I wish we could have all been retained, but apparently that wasn’t meant to be.

As for the new girls – OMG – we are going to have so much FUN working together! Lavish is being transformed, and taking care of the organization and each other will be huge. I love feeling like I am part of a team; love the concept of being like a family, so I will be sharing those girls with you as soon as I am allowed. Plus, I will be sure to announce when Liz is ready to accept new submissions, as some of you guys might like to join us. Oh my God, I can’t wait!!!

Ok – back to my NEW paperbacks… if anyone is interested in picking up a few of my titles, my paperback tab will take you to the order form, or click here >> https://samjacobey.com/paperbacks/. I do pre-orders for signing events, and always give those who do a special gift, plus you are guaranteed the titles you want when we get there. I will be working on my upcoming signings / events page, hopefully this weekend, but I can tell you I will be in Spring, Texas (Houston area) Oct. 24th, if anyone is interested in meeting me there.

Gosh, I feel so accomplished getting this huge project off my plate, and can’t wait to get back to writing those Christmas books that I have in the works!!!


Can’t say it enough

I NEED A MOMENT… I am nearly in tears this morning…
Things are so hectic right now, with everything I am working on… so many GOOD THINGS going on around me, and it is hard for us sometimes to accept those things at face value.
What I would really like to do is to say thank you.
THANK YOU to every person who has left a review for one of my books – whether they are short, and direct, or they are long and drawn out.. even the typos and the inaccuracies from the story (even a few character names are wrong, and I seriously lmao at that!!!)
I love them all and I appreciate every single one, because you read my stories and you took the time to post a word about them…
5 stars – 94 <<< holy sh*t!!!!
4 stars – 38
132 total 4&5 stars out of 141 total reviews!!!
THAT IS 94%!!!!
I am completely blown away… so happy right now, you cannot imagine… happy because I have shared something of myself with you… and you love it as much as I do…. thank you so much… I am so glad that you understand.
❤ Sam


As I am sure many of you are aware, the allergy season is upon us. In light of that, I have been on a roller coaster these last few days. Two days ago, my right eye felt like it was going to pop out of my head from all the pressure behind it, and I spent the entire day (pretty much) at my desk with the lights off and nursing my face.

Yesterday, I felt great, and started packing up my classroom for the end of the year (only 2 more weeks for me). Then this morning… yup. The left side of my head felt like a vice was clamped down. Fortunately, it’s Saturday, and I was able to stay home and nurse myself again, and get it to drain. And now I feel like writing – WHOOP.

This is actually very fortunate for me, because I had promised you guys a tiny tidbit of news about me a few days ago, and I have not yet delivered, and I think it is time. When this year started, I had promised myself that I was going to make this my last, and would devote myself to writing full time. Alas, things do not always go as we plan.

As the end of the year approaches, it looks like my school will be down 4 science teachers next fall, baring some miracle (however unlikely), and after a great deal of soul searching, I have decided… I’m going back for one more year. My kids need me there, and I can wait one more year before I completely run off to follow my dream. But, there is a silver lining as well.

Actually, several in fact. Firstly, we are going to pay off every bill we owe, which is not many besides our cars, and yes we are going to pay those off too, during the next school year, so that all we owe is our house. If I teach one more year, my school loans will also be gone, and that is a blessing in itself. And finally, it is highly likely that I will be teaching seniors, which I have never done, in a subject that I always wanted and was never given because I was ‘too valuable where I was.’ Can’t beat that.

Oh, and did I mention I am almost finished with book 6? Yeah, pretty amazing. I have 7 roughed out as well, and will have both of them handed over to the publisher before the fall. That means I will have completed 7 books… in a years time. I don’t know if that’s fast. It sounds fast to me, and I’m pretty excited about that fact, as the release schedule is already set for the rest of the series, and all should fall into place pretty easily.

Ok, one more bit of news, because I am dying to talk about what comes after A New Life. See, I have another girl in my head, pretty normal girl really, only life gives her an unexpected curve ball. After the sudden death of her parents, she goes to live with her uncle, and he’s that family member that no one talks about except in whispers… I will start roughing this story out as soon as I close the cover on Tori for the last time, and I am so excited. I wonder if I can write another series in a year’s time…

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