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The New Year Cometh

Wow that was quick!!! With Christmas over, new years in just over a day, where did it all go?

I feel this way every year, as if time is just whizzing by, and I need to take a moment to look back over the events that were the biggest.. so here goes…

2013 – in review

Finished up another school year in the spring.

Taught a round of summer school for students who needed a bit more help passing their state test. Now, for most of you I know that sounds a bit anticlimactic, but I assure you… from the teacher’s standpoint, it is the one part of the job I am truly going to miss – making a difference in some kid’s life, even if they don’t want you to or realize at this particular moment how important it really is.

A couple of weeks of summer vacation before class started.. oh yeah – and I wrote a book!!!

School started, chaos reigned, got my book published WHOOP WHOOP.. and I found out how much real publishers do for their authors =(

I wrote the second book – in for a penny, in for a pound, right?… wow that was fun!!!

Got busy working on advertising… publicity pushing is hard work… did I really sign up for this?

Thanksgiving break – now your talking!!!

A few more weeks of school in the semester – oh and they are releasing my second book. Yes, I really like this author thing =)

New grandbaby – and its A GIRL!!! Sweet hello little one, welcome to my madness =)

They released my second book – Christmas holiday –  I got to meet even more amazing authors and fans – OMG what will next year hold in store?

Only time will tell…


See my interview with Bridgette – up now WHOOP WHOOP


and stay tuned… it’s going to be a wild ride!!!


Christmas Holiday

I hope that everyone out there has been enjoying their Christmas Holiday. I know that we have. In addition to getting a new baby (WOOT), my sister was able to make it in for a visit. She lives about 400 miles away, so we only get to see her once a year, or less, depending how things go.

In reality, there is only one thing I don’t like about this time of year – it’s freaking cold!!! I tell myself every winter that I need to move further south. I mean, I live in the desert of West Texas, so if it gets below 50 we all have our heavy coats on. So when we start seeing the 30’s, its almost unbearable.

Of course, I say that and I know alot of you are thinking I am nuts. I know this because I have friends all over the world, and some of them live in places where the 30’s would be considered warm. To all of you, I am truly in awe that you are able to endure it.

Anyways, since I am off for another week for the winter break, I will be making a few more posts, and thinking about getting back to those writing styles and questions that I have been rolling around in my head. Until then, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone and may you all have a great NEW YEAR!!!


Best Christmas Present Ever

Well, I am home this evening after receiving the best Christmas present ever. At 2:15 am cst last night, my first grandchild was born.

I got home from work, expecting to go up to the hospital at 10 pm for her induction, to find her mom was already at the hospital and having contractions. Since the hospital is in the next town, I dropped everything and headed over, not even bothering to change clothes.

It was a long night – full of ups and downs. After all was said and done, and a bit to everyone’s relief, Savanna was born via C-section after going into distress and all the scary thoughts and fears that go along with that. I am so thankful that everything worked out and that mother and daughter are now resting comfortably. Both should be heading home tomorrow.

In the near future, I will probably be making some blog entries about this new addition to our family, as I have already realized some things that I want to make commentary on, but for nowI just want to keep it simple.

So tonight – I want to send a shout out to my wonderful son and his beautiful life mate and wish them the best of luck with the first addition to their family. May she bring them hours, days and years of joy. I love you all very much!!!

Big Weekend… at home

Sometimes I think I must be un-American. I hate shopping. Well, hate is a strong word. I like shopping, on certain occasions. I do not enjoy shopping when there are many other people shopping.

My sister-in-law does the black Friday thing every year. Fortunately, she has never asked me to go. I like being around people, I just want to maintain my own space, and pushing through crowds to get to the next item on my list is not the way to go. Besides the fact, it is annoying to plan on getting something, and then find that it is all sold out.

Over the years I have tried several methods to deal with this problem and still get all my shopping done. One particular year, during a stent at a retail department store, I bought Christmas all year long. Literally. I had the entire top of my closet stuffed with trash bags that hid everyone’s gifts. I bought things that were on sale, and had tons for everyone in the family by the time Christmas arrived. It was a blast handing all of it out.

There have also been years I went the opposite, waiting until the last minute and grabbing one small item for each person on my list in a midnight trip to wal-mart. I spent a lot less money that year for sure.

This year, I am not going to be doing a lot of shopping. Going to get a few gifts for the kids in the family and that is about it. Otherwise, I am spending all my time making new addys for my books. I have also been reading a few other authors works and posting some reviews, a nice switch I think.

The house is really quiet right now, which is also nice. No kids here this weekend, and I will be missing the noise soon, but for right now, I am really enjoying it.

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