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Can’t say it enough

I NEED A MOMENT… I am nearly in tears this morning…
Things are so hectic right now, with everything I am working on… so many GOOD THINGS going on around me, and it is hard for us sometimes to accept those things at face value.
What I would really like to do is to say thank you.
THANK YOU to every person who has left a review for one of my books – whether they are short, and direct, or they are long and drawn out.. even the typos and the inaccuracies from the story (even a few character names are wrong, and I seriously lmao at that!!!)
I love them all and I appreciate every single one, because you read my stories and you took the time to post a word about them…
5 stars – 94 <<< holy sh*t!!!!
4 stars – 38
132 total 4&5 stars out of 141 total reviews!!!
THAT IS 94%!!!!
I am completely blown away… so happy right now, you cannot imagine… happy because I have shared something of myself with you… and you love it as much as I do…. thank you so much… I am so glad that you understand.
❤ Sam


Wow, my summer is half over, and still so much to do!!!


I have finished ‘writing’ on the series, and am making my final edits to book 6 right now, and should have that over to my publisher as the final copy in a day or two. I REALLY LOVE this story guys – and I totally understand your wanting to get your hands on it. I promise, it is only going to get more amazing 😀


We have some exciting things coming up – so many options in the works, and I want to keep you all in the loop as much as I can. I know many of us can go out and buy what ever we want, but there are those who have to watch for the bargains and the giveaways.



If you haven’t followed me on facebook, you should if you use it, as I run events there on a regular basis. is my author page and is the series page, so like it up if you are able.


For those of you who are pinterest users, I try to keep that board for sales and giveaways updated as well, so follow me there if that helps >>


As of right now, we have one rafflecopter going >> ENTER HERE >>


and the 99 cent sale on CAPTIVE is still going for a while longer >>


Other than that, it’s good times right now, with lots of work to do!!! OH and keep an eye out – I will be tossing up the rest of the series covers here in a few weeks – so excited about that… can’t wait for you to see… and to read what’s going to happen next…

Spectacular Giveaway and Other news

As most of you are aware, I have a fondness for competitions and giveaways, and this last one has been SUPER successful. We still have over a day for people to enter, but we are already over 4,000 entries (that’s points, not people), but still, it makes me feel REALLY HAPPY to have so many involved and eager to participate!!!


In case anyone has not gotten in on this, there are 3 $10 gift cards in the pot, a variety of swag items, AND two sets of paperbacks up for grabs (a pair and set of 4) from the series.


the generic link is here —>>>


For my other bit of news – we are almost 2 weeks in for EXPOSED and this is where we stand…


@ @ @ @ @ REVIEW COUNT @ @ @ @ @


Add them up!!! As of this morning – the series has 122 REVIEWS on amazon…


4 star = 33

5 star = 80


total = 113


113 / 122 = 92.6% WHOOP WHOOP!!!




WARNING!!! THESE REVIEWS definitely contain spoilers – so read them in full AT YOUR OWN RISK… and if you have not started this fantastic journey – NOW IT IS THE TIME!!!


You can get book 1 for ONLY 99 CENTS (for a limited time) and each book after that is only 3.79!!!


CAPTIVE (book 1) –


BOUND (book 2) –


ENTWINED (book 3) –


EXPOSED (book 4) –


I also have a special blog post in mind that I will make here in the next few days – If you have not heard, all 7 books are completed!!! That means my part is essentially done, and I am just as excited as you are for those release dates to come.


Have a GREAT DAY everyone!!!


My publisher uploaded the final copy and released it this morning, so all we can do now is wait. I have posted a giveaway over on my

Facebook Author page –

and am chatting away in the release party event room –


I am SO excited for this – the story is going to make some drastic turns from here, so this is one of those ‘HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS’ moments for me.


Thank you to everyone who has been following along, welcome to all those who have joined in as of late, and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this latest segment of the journey!!!


For those of you who are not aware, book 4 of my series will be out next month, and for the first time ever, I have a publisher who has provided me with ARC copies to hand out so that we can have some reviews of the book BEFORE it actually goes on sale. I was very excited about this prospect, and couldn’t wait to see what my longest followers have to say about the newest chapter in this epic tale, as that is who I gave the opportunity to see it first – those who have been with me since the beginning.

Well, I see there is a review posted on Goodreads today, and it is from none other than JAYNE HYATT, author of Looking for the Good Life. Now, before I share this review with you, let me tell you a little bit about my history with this wonderful woman…

Jayne and I met through one of those ‘review swapping clubs’ back when I put CAPTIVE out the first time, with a paid publisher / self publisher, under the title A NEW LIFE: LIFE OF RECOVERY. The cover was horrid, the editing mediocre, and the expense was far more than I anticipated when I first decided to give it a go.

So, we traded our books – she reviewed mine, and gave it 4 stars (a good book, but not what she normally liked, as she put it) and I read hers and gave it 4 stars for the same reason… her book was way too ‘gentle’ for my rough and overly dramatic taste. Now, the story might have ended there, except that book 2 came out, and Jayne had mentioned that she was curious what Tori was up to next, as we had kept in touch after our chance meeting, and I am very glad that we have, as she really is a great lady (oh, and you should check out her book, too, as it really was good).

Anyway, Book 2 is much calmer than book 1, so I was thinking, OK this is my chance to get 5 stars from her, but alas, she says… “I liked it, but I didn’t LOVE it…” (still not what she really wants or likes in a book), but it was another 4 stars and a good review, so I knew I would take it at face value and keep trying.

Book 3 – now that’s a love story, my kind of course. Sweet as I know how to make it. And again, I let Jayne know that it was coming out and she reads, and again I am thinking this time I have nailed it, and do you know what she said??? SHE SAID IT DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH ACTION!!! Can you believe that??? And again, only 4 stars… sigh.

So, book 4 comes – and yup… only 4 stars AGAIN!!! BUT this time… she wrote a review that I MUST SHARE with all of you… because to be honest Jayne has been one of my followers that has kept me going and believing that I am doing a good job. She convinced me of this when she told me that my books were too violent, too graphic, and had too much sex in them… BUT she JUST HAS TO READ THEM… to see what happens next :D. Those are like magic words to me…

I have two things to say about all of this. First – THANK YOU JAYNE – I love to see what you are going to say, because you are such a great litmus test for me. And Second – I am going to get 5 stars from her… I have 3 more tries coming up, and THAT is my goal… I want to knock Jayne’s socks off!! You have been warned…

OK – here is her review… and I would love to get some comments on this – tell me what you guys think!!!

Jayne Hyatt‘s review

May 23, 14
Read in May, 2014


I stumbled onto this series and was surprised to find myself hooked right away. I don’t usually read romances that are as gritty or sexually explicit as this one, although for some readers, those may well be the very elements that draw them in. However, for me, the hook was the main character, Tori, her situation, and her gritty determination.Samantha Jacobey has managed to convey Tori’s life in such a way(making very good use of those “gritty” elements mentioned above) that the reader can well imagine what it might be like to be in that place. It’s harrowing, frightening, unthinkable; yet the reader will want to see it through, will want to know that Tori survives, on her own terms. That’s what makes this series so interesting.

After reading book 3 of this series I was rather surprised to find myself commenting that, “There was less action this time around, and I admit I’m hoping book four ramps things up a bit.” It seems Ms. Jacobey was listening, as book 4, EXPOSED, moves Tori back into her old renegade world, whether she likes it or not. Hence, there’s plenty of action, danger and intrigue for her to deal with, as well as a new-found family tie.

She also has to do some soul searching about ‘what and who’ she really is and what she really wants, while also coming to terms with abilities and desires that she is, intellectually, not completely at ease with. She’s learning something we all have to learn– to embrace our darker side and accept that’s also an integral ‘part’ of who we are but doesn’t completely define us. These elements make the book grittier than the last one, which will please most fans of this series, I think.

Of course, the book ends on a cliffhanger. Once again, we are given a glimpse of just how deep the rabbit hole may go as we witness the forces that surround Tori as they discuss their nefarious plans. There’s still a lot of mysteries to be solved, and a long road for Tori to travel before she has true freedom from her past so she can build a new and better future with the man she loves.

Keep writing, Samantha Jacobey … I want to know what happens next!

Special Note: I was given a preview copy of this book for reviewing purposes with the understanding that I would give my honest opinion.


As I am sure many of you are aware, the allergy season is upon us. In light of that, I have been on a roller coaster these last few days. Two days ago, my right eye felt like it was going to pop out of my head from all the pressure behind it, and I spent the entire day (pretty much) at my desk with the lights off and nursing my face.

Yesterday, I felt great, and started packing up my classroom for the end of the year (only 2 more weeks for me). Then this morning… yup. The left side of my head felt like a vice was clamped down. Fortunately, it’s Saturday, and I was able to stay home and nurse myself again, and get it to drain. And now I feel like writing – WHOOP.

This is actually very fortunate for me, because I had promised you guys a tiny tidbit of news about me a few days ago, and I have not yet delivered, and I think it is time. When this year started, I had promised myself that I was going to make this my last, and would devote myself to writing full time. Alas, things do not always go as we plan.

As the end of the year approaches, it looks like my school will be down 4 science teachers next fall, baring some miracle (however unlikely), and after a great deal of soul searching, I have decided… I’m going back for one more year. My kids need me there, and I can wait one more year before I completely run off to follow my dream. But, there is a silver lining as well.

Actually, several in fact. Firstly, we are going to pay off every bill we owe, which is not many besides our cars, and yes we are going to pay those off too, during the next school year, so that all we owe is our house. If I teach one more year, my school loans will also be gone, and that is a blessing in itself. And finally, it is highly likely that I will be teaching seniors, which I have never done, in a subject that I always wanted and was never given because I was ‘too valuable where I was.’ Can’t beat that.

Oh, and did I mention I am almost finished with book 6? Yeah, pretty amazing. I have 7 roughed out as well, and will have both of them handed over to the publisher before the fall. That means I will have completed 7 books… in a years time. I don’t know if that’s fast. It sounds fast to me, and I’m pretty excited about that fact, as the release schedule is already set for the rest of the series, and all should fall into place pretty easily.

Ok, one more bit of news, because I am dying to talk about what comes after A New Life. See, I have another girl in my head, pretty normal girl really, only life gives her an unexpected curve ball. After the sudden death of her parents, she goes to live with her uncle, and he’s that family member that no one talks about except in whispers… I will start roughing this story out as soon as I close the cover on Tori for the last time, and I am so excited. I wonder if I can write another series in a year’s time…

Only a day later – book blitz!!!

Yesterday, I was feeling down about the ending of my first blog tour, and them BAM – BOOK BLITZ!!!


Now, to be honest, I have no idea what happens on a book blitz, so I am REALLY EXCITED about this… all I have at this point is a schedule. The names on the list are enough to get my heart racing cause I LOVE THESE GUYS!!! I will post that for you here, and we will find out the rest together!!!


Oh, and I have another post coming, more personal. I have something kind of big that I may need to announce here very soon, so just a heads up to keep your eye out for that. And, I am curious – if I were to show up at a city near you for a book signing, would you come to meet me?


Ok, BOOK BLITZ – here it is and I hope you enjoy!!! I will get some URLs added to this as I get them =)


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First Blog Tour Ending

Well, today marks the ending of another first in my career as a writer… the closing of my first blog tour. I am a little sad today, and keep reminding myself that everything comes to an end, but there will be more to come. Lots more, as there will be a tour for each of the next two books, BOUND and ENTWINED, leading up to the release of EXPOSED – wohoo!!!

If you missed it, the spots are all there, along with my interview questions and the special guest posts. There is also the giveaway that is pinned on my FB author page, in case anyone wants to play along for a few great prizes.

Thank you to everyone who participated – love you guys!!!

facebook link –

blog stops – STOP 1 –

STOP 3 –

STOP 4 –

STOP 5 –

STOP 6 –

STOP 7 –




Ok – just so you guys know, this is my first blog tour, so I may be over reacting, but this is FREAKING AWESOME!!!


On the first day, Sue put up a spectacular spread ( ), setting the bar pretty high in my opinion.


Then we had Reading Renee ( ), who also had a nice spread, but who is a tweeting sweetheart to boot WHOOP!!! Her post is still available to view, just scroll down to the 30th to see it.


We did have that little snafu with the rafflecopter, which is now fixed, so if you have not gotten in, feel free to do so, as the first entry does NOT require tweeting and is a free entry for everyone (of course you may tweet if you wish and it would be greatly appreciated 😀 )


Today we were over at the ‘A’ Jurnale ( ) where I have a guest post with a peek into my day that is still showing, in case anyone is interested in having a look. I had a bit of fun writing it and was surprised I didn’t get any comments, so if you have any I would love to hear them!!!


Tomorrow – we have the fantastic Angela and the Wicked Reads Review team ( ), and let me tell you, there are some great ladies over there who have been leaving reviews all over creation for my books. Therefore, I can’t wait to see what they have come up with :D. It will be later in the day before that goes live, so I will let you know as soon as it is ready, as I know many of you will be wanting to see it as well…


Gosh another great day!!! Hope it was for you guys as well, and everyone have a wonderful night =)

BLOGGER’s to sign up for events

HI GUYS!!! Suddenly the chaos has turned into MEGA CHAOS!!!


I have a ton of upcoming events, and I have learned that two of them have spaces available, so I wanted to get this out there ASAP, as I know many of you have been following and supporting me since the beginning.


If you have a blog page and want to participate in either of these events, please feel free to sign up – I know she wants as many in the book blitz as possible and it is happening soon. The blog tour is farther down the line, but get your name in quick so you get the pick of the spots =)


Thank you and have a great day!!!


BOOK BLITZ May 4 to May 8


BLOG TOUR May 26 to June 9



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