The Adventure Continues…

I woke up at 1 am today, with my ear still aching and thunder in the distance. My son and I are leaving in a few short hours, and my feelings about this trip are mixed.

I’m excited about the signing this weekend in Pittsburgh, as always – I love getting out there and meeting people. I am also looking forward to the few days he and I will have to check out some things in Washington, DC. That’s one of my bucket list items, and I jumped on the opportunity to see it as soon as I agreed to the Angels & Sirens Event.

So what’s the catch? It’s this stupid ear… the idea of getting on another plane has me totally bummed. I have never enjoyed flying due to the pressure and pain that it brings, but the trip to Sacramento a month ago has stuck with me for far too long, in the form of a massive ear infection that refuses to say die.

I always knew that I had ‘short’ Eustachian Tubes, since the doctor had said so when I was a kid with recurring ear infections. However, I had learned what to do to keep them at a minimum as an adult, and have not suffered from one in years. Well, having seen the doctor three times in as many weeks over this, she has repeatedly called them ‘dysfunctional’ – tell me something I don’t know.

I refuse to give up. I have been planning this trip for a year, and my son is looking forward to it even more than I am. We will make it through. But, after this year’s busy schedule has run it’s course, I only have two events planned for next year, and I don’t think I will be accepting any more events that require flight. I would have to WANT to go pretty bad to risk it after this experience…

Oh, side note – we are running the Irrevocable Series Boxed Set (that’s all 3 books) for only 99 cents over the weekend, so be sure to grab that if you have not read (it’s still free on KU for a bit longer as well). Here’s a few links for that…

Thunderclap – sign up for a reminder and share with friends…

Amazon – for wishlist and purchase….

And if you are coming to the event – wish me luck and I can’t wait to see you there!!!

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