Reflecting on NOLA – 5 THINGS Authors Should Know

This past week, I flew to New Orleans for a book signing that was held there – ARC NOLA. Jamie, one of my fangirls, administrators, and dearest friends, met me there, and we spent nearly three days hanging out and experiencing the city. Over all, we had a great time, and I have several posts in mind regarding some of those things that happened outside the event process itself. For this post, I would like to reflect upon and share some of my discoveries about signing events in general.

5 Things AUTHORS should know…

#1. YOUR PA – If you can take a helper, do so. Although this signing was less busy than some that I have been to, I was alone at my first one. You do NOT want to feel overwhelmed, and having an assistant can make things so much nicer, both when it’s busy and when it’s not. That way they can watch the table for you, run errands, or what ever you need. So choose your helper with that in mind; you will be glad you did.

#2. EVENT PLANNING – When preparing for the event – get into the planning group or what ever is going on beforehand. The organizers should be doing this, and communicating what is going to take place well in advance. If they are not, or if you don’t like what is going on, cancel your table and save yourself the expense of the trip. Well, unless it’s a cool location you want to visit anyway, and then by all means, go and enjoy. The odds are good that the event itself will go about the same as the planning did. If you can’t see any evidence of preparation, the attendance at your event will probably be very small, and you are essentially ‘on vacation’.

#3. SHIP IT OUT – When packing for the event – and I learned this the hard way at a previous signing – shipping things to the Hotel can be great, but only if you have a PLAN for getting ALL of the items home. Otherwise, DON’T DO IT! Only take what you can carry comfortably both ways,. The last thing you want to do is find yourself at an event that flopped for what ever reason and you suddenly have a case of books or a huge sign you have no way to transport.

#4. GETTING THERE – When booking airlines – they are NOT all created equally, and reading the fine print is tedious and often difficult. I have come to dislike booking through money saving sites as well, as there are often things that you don’t see until after you have made the purchase. From now on, I plan on passing them over, and going straight to Southwest when ever possible. Why? First, I get two checked bags for free with them, and this last trip I flew with someone else, where my bags turned out to be the biggest hassle of the trip. Second, their planes are all pretty much the same, so I know what to expect every single flight. Find one that you like and use them; and don’t worry about the cost – if you are going, you might as well suck it up and make getting there and home enjoyable and hassle free.

#5. WHEN TO FLY – This is one that I have been looking at, and I have heard that flights on the weekend are more expensive. If you can afford to stay an extra day to fly out on Monday and can fly in early, that may be a place that you can save money on the trip. Of course, being there extra days adds to the hotel cost, so it is something you can play with and look at the options side by side. I can tell you from my experience, getting there a day early and having time to hang out and relax before the event was very nice and reduced the stress a great deal.

There you are – the first five things that leap into my head about going to a book signing. Of course, there are others, and I may follow up with another five later on. I will definitely be sharing some of the extra curricular activities that we did while at NOLA, as it was a great place to visit and we had SUCH a wonderful time.


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