As I am packing for my trip to the book signing in New Orleans, I am so excited to be going – not only for the trip to a wonderful destination, but for the fans that I will meet and see while I am there. I truly LOVE meeting book lovers, and can’t wait for this chance to see so many of you in person.

At the same time, I have come to realize that I have a limited amount of space, which concerns me a bit as far as paperback books are concerned. I can’t take a large number of them, and I have no idea what people will be interested in buying when I get there. That led me to an idea… pre-orders!!!

I have set up a form where paperbacks can be ORDERED ahead of time for this event, and if it works well I will continue it for any others down the line, as well as anytime to be shipped to my fans at home. With the increases in postage costs, among other reasons, I have been cutting back significantly on giving away paperback copies, so I think this will be a fair and equitable solution for those who are interested in owning a physical copy of one or more of my books.

FOR NOLA ATTENDEES – yes, you will be my guinea pigs! Please fill out the form if you are INTENDING TO PURCHASE and know which paperbacks you would like to have. I will invoice you for them, and when paid, I will box up YOUR BOOKS with your name on them. I will hold them for you or your designee to pick up at the event, and you will be guaranteed to get the books you want. I really want to encourage the paid pre-orders, so your SEVENTH BOOK will be free if you do this (the most expensive will be your free one). PLUS – anyone who pre-orders $50 or more will get a special swag gift from me as well. ORDERS must be placed and paid by WEDNESDAY July 27th at 5 pm CDT to qualify for this offer.

I think this will help me gauge how many books I need to bring, and if I have to pack an extra bag of books, it will be ok… I don’t mind paying the extra baggage fee to get them down there if I know they will be picked up and I don’t have to worry about paying to get them back home.

If you have questions about any of this, please message me on Facebook or email me – and thank you so much for your help with this! I can’t wait to get there =)

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