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As I am packing for my trip to the book signing in New Orleans, I am so excited to be going – not only for the trip to a wonderful destination, but for the fans that I will meet and see while I am there. I truly LOVE meeting book lovers, and can’t wait for this chance to see so many of you in person.

At the same time, I have come to realize that I have a limited amount of space, which concerns me a bit as far as paperback books are concerned. I can’t take a large number of them, and I have no idea what people will be interested in buying when I get there. That led me to an idea… pre-orders!!!

I have set up a form where paperbacks can be ORDERED ahead of time for this event, and if it works well I will continue it for any others down the line, as well as anytime to be shipped to my fans at home. With the increases in postage costs, among other reasons, I have been cutting back significantly on giving away paperback copies, so I think this will be a fair and equitable solution for those who are interested in owning a physical copy of one or more of my books.

FOR NOLA ATTENDEES – yes, you will be my guinea pigs! Please fill out the form if you are INTENDING TO PURCHASE and know which paperbacks you would like to have. I will invoice you for them, and when paid, I will box up YOUR BOOKS with your name on them. I will hold them for you or your designee to pick up at the event, and you will be guaranteed to get the books you want. I really want to encourage the paid pre-orders, so your SEVENTH BOOK will be free if you do this (the most expensive will be your free one). PLUS – anyone who pre-orders $50 or more will get a special swag gift from me as well. ORDERS must be placed and paid by WEDNESDAY July 27th at 5 pm CDT to qualify for this offer.

I think this will help me gauge how many books I need to bring, and if I have to pack an extra bag of books, it will be ok… I don’t mind paying the extra baggage fee to get them down there if I know they will be picked up and I don’t have to worry about paying to get them back home.

If you have questions about any of this, please message me on Facebook or email me – and thank you so much for your help with this! I can’t wait to get there =)


There are times in our lives that we put something off, maybe because it appears that it would be a difficult task, or maybe that it would take up too much time.

That has happened to me twice in the last three days… Saturday, I forced myself to sit down and format a book that needed to be uploaded (future announcement as to why it was ME and not Michelle doing it will come later). It went smoothly, and the proof for THE WICKED AWAKENED has been ordered – YAY!!!

Add to that… today, I revamped my website – and I am so happy with it!!! Please feel free to share it with any and every person who reads Adult and New Adult books… If I don’t have something that interests them now, I’m sure I will eventually.

So many new things to do, and knowledge to be had… but for today, it is done!!!

Amazon removing reviews…. this is too much!!!

OK – in case you don’t know, I am a diagnosed sufferer of OCD, and at times… I have a hard time letting things go. Therefore, I have been eaten up with this whole ‘review thing’ over at Amazon.
No, I have not lost any (yet) that I know of, but I’m sure it’s coming, since I have a fan club and a huge social media following (that I have worked very hard to cultivate, by the way). It’s only a matter of time before big brother Amazon steps in and lays down the law as only they can.
So, this morning, I visited Goodreads… and let me just say… I hate GR. I only go over there when I must. It’s too difficult to navigate, and it just pisses me off most of the time. But, I found something interesting… readers love GR. They love it far more than they love Amazon, for certain….
So here’s my stats from my first series… and I’m attaching the pics  so anyone who wants can verify this…
CAPTIVE – on Amazon -135 total reviews… on GR – 164 ‘5 star’ ratings (371 total)
BOUND – on Amazon – 74 total reviews… on GR – 107 ‘5 star’ ratings (200 total)
ENTWINED – on Amazon – 63 total reviews… on GR – 89 ‘5 star’ ratings(131 total)
EXPOSED – on Amazon – 44 total reviews… on GR – 75 ‘5 star’ ratings (117 total)
INDELIBLE – on Amazon – 35 total reviews… on GR – 52 ‘5 star’ ratings (85 total)
INTREPID – on Amazon – 23 total reviews…. on GR – 41 ‘5 star’ ratings (69 total)
AVENGED – on Amazon – 29 total reviews… on GR – 41 ‘5 star’ ratings (58 total)
In a nutshell… the Goodreads ‘5 star’ ratings out number TOTAL REVIEWS on Amazon on EVERY BOOK (and it’s the same on all my other titles, as well) and the total numbers are running at double (or more), even though Amazon asks people to review a book every time they finish one…. hmmm.
Moral of the story… I don’t give a rat’s ass about Amazon. If I could pull all my books and never set foot over there, I would, solely on principal. I don’t like bullies, and it feels very much like we are getting stepped on… repeatedly.
So what do all of those numbers mean? Statistically, people like my books, and I appreciate everyone who writes a review or gives a rating, no matter where they choose to post it, or what that opinion is… thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
That being said, there is only ONE THING I really care about as far as reviews go… the number 10. That’s how many I have to have to advertise a book most places, and since I am my own advocate in this deal, getting the word out starts with me and all the places I can share it, and works it’s way out from there.
Thank you for letting me process this out… now I can let it go and move on…. Anyone ever read ‘Who Moved the Cheese’? Yeah… I’m feeling it, but I refuse to let it get me down.
❤ Sam

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