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SOMETHING happened to me today…

Today, INTREPID, book 6 of the series became available for pre-order on amazon, and I can’t explain it…

I have an extremely HIGH sense of elation right now – something along the lines of what I felt when the first book was published. Maybe even higher.

We are so close to the end, and I have met so many wonderful people on this journey. Thank you all for your support, your time and your energy.

I work to promote my books every day, and I now have a following that works just as hard as I do… you guys are wonderful, and I thank you so much for being there!!!

In case you haven’t seen it… this is the blurb for INTREPID, BUT it’s a giant spoiler if you aren’t up to speed on the rest of the series… if that be the case, take one of these links instead and go get started while the boxed set, or at the very least, CAPTIVE, is on sale…

BOXED SET (bk 1 – bk 4) –
CAPTIVE (book 1) –
BOUND (book 2) –
ENTWINED (book 3) –
EXPOSED (book 4) –
INDELIBLE (book 5) –
INTREPID (book 6) –
AVENGED (book 7) – coming Jan 20th

Well, you’re still here, so I guess you are ready to see what’s got my stomach full of butterflies… so here it is…

Intrepid – A New Life SeriesBook 6 of a New Life Series

When past and present collide, how do you escape your fate?

Tori Farrell is finally on the path that leads to a bright future. Raised to be an assassin, she lived in a world consisting of drugs, sex, violence and murder. Gaining her freedom, and discovering her true identity, she has reconciled the life she was born to have with the one she fought so hard to flee. Managing to hold on to her soul mate, she is pushing forward, refusing to allow the fear to hold her back any longer.
Taking her place in her brother’s band, Tori faces new challenges. Learning to live the life of a rock star seems easy enough, and she quickly gets a handle on what she holds most dear. Soon however, the tables are turned, with the realization that the FBI has merely taken to the shadows, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Only when her former lover forces his way back into her life does it become clear; some things are simply meant to be…

Signed Paperbacks NOW AVAILABLE for Order

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CHRISTMAS IS COMING – are you looking for a unique gift idea for friends or family?

Or perhaps you would like a set for yourself…

You can now purchase signed paperback copies of any or all of the New Life Series books directly from me!!!

Ebooks are great in most cases, but nothing beats the feel of a book in your hands, especially these. Each installment is printed on high quality paper, and includes slightly larger print, so there is no need for reading glasses or a magnifying glass. I hate books with tiny script, and I promise, you will love them!!!

Order books 1 – 5 now, and get a special deal on the last two installments when they become available…. or order multiple copies of your favorite to give as gifts – the more you purchase, the cheaper they are per book!!!

Either way, don’t miss out on this opportunity – click the link and contact me about your needs today….

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