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The New Year Cometh

Wow that was quick!!! With Christmas over, new years in just over a day, where did it all go?

I feel this way every year, as if time is just whizzing by, and I need to take a moment to look back over the events that were the biggest.. so here goes…

2013 – in review

Finished up another school year in the spring.

Taught a round of summer school for students who needed a bit more help passing their state test. Now, for most of you I know that sounds a bit anticlimactic, but I assure you… from the teacher’s standpoint, it is the one part of the job I am truly going to miss – making a difference in some kid’s life, even if they don’t want you to or realize at this particular moment how important it really is.

A couple of weeks of summer vacation before class started.. oh yeah – and I wrote a book!!!

School started, chaos reigned, got my book published WHOOP WHOOP.. and I found out how much real publishers do for their authors =(

I wrote the second book – in for a penny, in for a pound, right?… wow that was fun!!!

Got busy working on advertising… publicity pushing is hard work… did I really sign up for this?

Thanksgiving break – now your talking!!!

A few more weeks of school in the semester – oh and they are releasing my second book. Yes, I really like this author thing =)

New grandbaby – and its A GIRL!!! Sweet hello little one, welcome to my madness =)

They released my second book – Christmas holiday –  I got to meet even more amazing authors and fans – OMG what will next year hold in store?

Only time will tell…


See my interview with Bridgette – up now WHOOP WHOOP

and stay tuned… it’s going to be a wild ride!!!


Weekend Giveaways for A New Life: Life of Recovery

UPDATE – it looks like everyone who started over the weekend finished on time – thank you all for participating and a HUGE thank you to all the pages who hosted for us!!!



Guys – I have been coordinating with several blog sites to line up a huge giveaway weekend event for A New Life: Life of Recovery, so those of you who have been wanting to win a copy, get your clicker finger ready!!!

I will update this post with links as they become available, as it looks like we will be hosted by 10 different bloggers… that will be 10 signed paperbacks up for grabs, plus at least 10 ebook copies!!!!

Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, I LOVE to send my girl around the world, so if you are outside the states, you are STILL ELIGIBLE TO WIN – So lets see where else in the world we can send our heroine TORI FARRELL

You can follow me here – on facebook – or hit up my twitter – see the contacts link for more information

UPDATE – a few still have not posted their giveaway (we will get it eventually I am sure) but feel free to hit these guys up for your chance to win!!!

I will leave this page up until all have cleared, as some have notified me they will be late in posting…. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE



1.  Completed – thank you so much Scandalous Book Blog for hosting us on facebook!!!

2.  Completed – thank you so much Book Babblin on Facebook

3. Complete – thank you Panty Dropping Book Blog on Facebook!!!

4. Completed – thank you to Baby Cakes Book Blog on Facebook.

5. Completed  blog spot for A Love Affair with Books – thank you for hosting!!!

6. Completed – thank you We Like It Big Book Blog on Facebook!!!

7. will be opening their giveaway at midnight to run through midnight on Wednesday WOOT!!!  If you don’t want to go through FB, this link will get you there as well…




Christmas Holiday

I hope that everyone out there has been enjoying their Christmas Holiday. I know that we have. In addition to getting a new baby (WOOT), my sister was able to make it in for a visit. She lives about 400 miles away, so we only get to see her once a year, or less, depending how things go.

In reality, there is only one thing I don’t like about this time of year – it’s freaking cold!!! I tell myself every winter that I need to move further south. I mean, I live in the desert of West Texas, so if it gets below 50 we all have our heavy coats on. So when we start seeing the 30’s, its almost unbearable.

Of course, I say that and I know alot of you are thinking I am nuts. I know this because I have friends all over the world, and some of them live in places where the 30’s would be considered warm. To all of you, I am truly in awe that you are able to endure it.

Anyways, since I am off for another week for the winter break, I will be making a few more posts, and thinking about getting back to those writing styles and questions that I have been rolling around in my head. Until then, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone and may you all have a great NEW YEAR!!!


Making Flyers – teasers!!!

I made some new flyers for the Release Party for book 2 – they turned out so great!!! I just had to share them with you guys… there is a short blurb on each book and a brand new passage from each (teasers!!!)  Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think!!!

book 1 flyer – Life of Recovery

book 2 flyer – Life of Doubt

Best Christmas Present Ever

Well, I am home this evening after receiving the best Christmas present ever. At 2:15 am cst last night, my first grandchild was born.

I got home from work, expecting to go up to the hospital at 10 pm for her induction, to find her mom was already at the hospital and having contractions. Since the hospital is in the next town, I dropped everything and headed over, not even bothering to change clothes.

It was a long night – full of ups and downs. After all was said and done, and a bit to everyone’s relief, Savanna was born via C-section after going into distress and all the scary thoughts and fears that go along with that. I am so thankful that everything worked out and that mother and daughter are now resting comfortably. Both should be heading home tomorrow.

In the near future, I will probably be making some blog entries about this new addition to our family, as I have already realized some things that I want to make commentary on, but for nowI just want to keep it simple.

So tonight – I want to send a shout out to my wonderful son and his beautiful life mate and wish them the best of luck with the first addition to their family. May she bring them hours, days and years of joy. I love you all very much!!!

Life of Doubt Teaser

It has been such an AWESOME DAY… I wanted to leave you guys with another Life of Doubt Teaser… This is a little meeting of the FBI agents who are working on Tori’s case….

   Remaining after the room had cleared, Dr. Bennet, Warren La Buff, and James Godfry sat in the tiny chamber. Leaning back in his chair, La Buff lamented, “I think we should have brought the judge in on this. He isn’t going to be too pleased when he finds out he was duped.”

   “How is he going to find out?” Dr. Bennet countered. “The only way anyone will ever know is if her identity is discovered and a birth certificate is located, which it won’t be. Otherwise, no one will question my judgment.”

   La Buff narrowed his eyes at the doctor’s words. “Don’t get cocky. You better hope no one finds out. I cannot believe I am even involved in this.”

  Godfry gave him a wry grin, “Like you have never done anything that wasn’t by the book. Come on, this is perfect. The judge signed the papers.” He turned his palms toward the ceiling, indicating his hands were clean and continued, “The girl practically works for us already. All we do now is give her a few weeks on her own, and then we reel her in. You guys can get her off on her little assignment, and when she is done with that, we offer her a full time job doing what she is best at.”

   The three men stared at each other, considering what Tori Farrell was best at, the pause in the conversation growing long. La Buff nodded slowly, “All I can say is, you are fucking with a girl who has murdered about a dozen of the worst men we have ever had on the books. You better hope she never finds out you did this to her on purpose, under false pretenses. I don’t think she would bat an eyelash taking care of any of us in the same manner.”

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Book 2 – Life of Doubt Trailer Video

Once again, I have been forced to work things out for myself. I paid someone to create a trailer for Life of Recovery and Life of Doubt weeks ago, and so far all I have gotten is a sad video for the first one. And by sad I mean… I hated it. That would just not do.

I got up this morning at normal time, 5 am, made coffee and set to work on the second video, Life of Doubt. I had already mapped out the song I wanted to use and the items that were to go into the video. All I had to do was figure out how to use the movie maker and upload it… how hard could that be?

It actually took about two hours for me to figure out how to use the program effectively, getting all of the timing exactly as I wanted it, and to complete the video. It also took another half an hour to get it uploaded, but it is done.

Now all I need is for a few people to go look at it and tell me what you think… so how about it?

Life of Doubt video link:


The Precious

This past summer, we added two new kittens to our herd of cats. I called them Salt and Pepper, as they both had brown tabby fur, Salt having a large amount of white on his chest and paws. I got them from the local pound in June, during ‘rescue a cat month.’ When I went in and picked them out, I thought they were siblings, and it wasn’t until I was signing the paperwork that we discovered that they were in fact brought in by two different people. The male, Salt, was 7 weeks old, and Pepper, my baby girl, was 6.

Of course, we are pretty heavy duty cat lovers at our house. Ebony (black longhair) and Ally (blue Russian) are almost 6 year old liter mates who came out of the bushes from under an old junk car at my mother’s house the weekend before memorial day 5 years ago. I had never seen kittens take to people after having made it to 6 or 8 weeks old without any previous contact, but that whole group of 5 females just pranced out and announced themselves, as if saying, “Here we are: pet us.” So, we did.

We always had cats when I was a kid, but living out in the ‘country’ as such (mom has lived in her house over 40 years), they were not long term guests. In fact, they came and went so fast, we had standard names for them. Solid black, that would be Midnight. Calico would be Calico. Black and white would be called Hitler. There would be new liters a few times a year, and since it was a fairly rural area and coyotes were not uncommon, keeping the names and contact simple was a defense mechanism of sorts, knowing there was no sense worrying or crying over them – it was all part of the cycle of life, and they would always come to a bad end eventually, either from other animals, cars or people around us.

This was true for the other 3 out of Ebony and Ally’s liter, and they were all three gone before summer was over. It is purely because Ebony was the one who sat in my lap when I went to choose one to take home that I ended up with her at all. In addition, just a few weeks after I got Ebony, Mom rescued Ally from her dog, so she took her in the house and made her a house cat as well. After a year though, Ally came to live with us, and I think she is pretty happy that is the way things turned out for her; I know we are.

In addition to Ally and Ebony, we have Bootsie, who my son rescued from a neighbor, having decided he needed one to call his own three years ago. Bootsie is a mess. And too damn smart. She turns lights on and off at the switch and would open doors with the knob if she could ever figure out how to twist it while jumping. She is also way too smart for her own good, and gets into all kinds of messes, and forget trying to hide things from her. She will come right up to you, purring extremely loudly, and push her head against you in great determination to get your attention. But if you reach up to pet her, she draws back and glares at you. She is such a tease.

Until the new kittens came, Bootie would harass the hell out of the other cats – well, Ally anyways. She always wanted to play, and would chase ally around often, but they got along pretty good. Ebony is the queen of the house, and no one messes with her, lest they get their ass kicked. So, we brought in baby Salt and baby Pepper, and by this point we are fully aware that cats are very much like people. No two are exactly alike. They have things they like, they don’t like, some are smart, some are lazy; you get the idea.

So Salt was a wild little pistol, and took to chasing everyone around the house at will almost as soon as he got here. I played with him one time for 2 hours. I got tired out before he did. He was a real bundle of energy. I say was; unfortunately he did not wake up from surgery in October and it was heartbreaking to bury him in under the rose bush in front of the house. We all had a good cry at losing him, and the bad news did not stop there. Baby pepper, who is still with us, had never looked quite right to me ever since I brought them home, so I had the vet give her a look over, and found out some things I had never heard of or thought of in a cat before.

Now, when I say she doesn’t look right, I mean in her face – it just has a weird shape, especially across the eyes. And there is the fact that she had a very prima donna attitude, and would just sit and look up at you, her huge innocent eyes begging you to go pick her up for some ‘lovins,’ which we did often, mainly because she was so soft (almost like rabbit fur) and sweet. Totally lovable kitten. Almost as soon as I brought them home, Pepper became known as my Precious, and I have spoiled her terribly.

If we hadn’t had Salt, who by October was a couple of pounds heavier, and noticeably larger, we might not have even noticed right away that there was something really wrong with Pepper’s size. However, there was no way we could miss the ‘falling down’ all the time that eventually developed. Especially when she was trying to get around and would look almost drunk in her stagger. That’s the reason for the vet visit; I was becoming very concerned that her male counterpart had been  playing too roughly and injured her somehow.

Sadly, it was something more heartbreaking to me than that. Precious has congenital neuropathy. Do you know what that is? I do, and having been in the medical field so many years, I didn’t need the vet to explain it. It means she has a nerve disorder that she was born with, and will never get over. She will always be small, only weighing 4 pounds (people who would try to breed cats to be small on purpose make me want to cry), and she has weakness in her hind legs, so climbing and jumping around are not good for her, as she tends to lose her balance or miss a jump and fall easily. It also means that some day, she may or will lose her ability to walk. I am dreading the time that it comes and choices will have to be made.

For now, The Precious is my sweet buddy. She is the perfect cuddle kitten, and sits perfectly still in your lap for hours. She purrs, but not too loudly, and will play, but only just a little, as she does tire out easily. One of my good friends at work tries to comfort me about her, telling me that I rescued her and have given her a good life. She says that I should be happy about that; and I am. I am very grateful for the time she has been in our home and part of our family. We all love The Precious. This is her, laying on the bookcase next to me (I had to move her off my lap after a while, poor thing). Ah, such is the life of a cat.

Pepper Dec. 10, 2013

I Can Twitter!!!

Oh my god – I get it!!! I have been messing with twitter off and on for weeks and could just not get my head around what the heck it was all about. So you guys leave me some comments here if I am or am not on the right track.

Twitter is like a massive instant message system. With like 140 characters per message. That means if you have a lot to say, too bad, you have got to cut it down. That is not really the hard part though.

The hard part are these silly hash-tag things. I just could not understand, but I refused to give up. So I played around with it, looked at other people’s tweets, did some clicking, and it is too funny… #anewlife has almost no one using it, and #lifeofrecovery had 3, including me. That is hilarious. The thing I have run into most during normal searches is OVERUSE and not being able to find my book when I am looking for it with one of those.

Now, I think what is supposed to happen is you are supposed to use tags that are popular, and I have that covered. So far I have tried out #goodbook, #suspense #romance, #romantic #suspense, #ebook, and #amazon.

Most of those get a good deal of traffic, but #amazon you can’t even keep up with. I love this!!! I want to make little tweets that have pieces out of my book just to attach the tags now, isn’t that funny? And here a few weeks ago I was thinking about not using it at all.

I do have one thought though… is it possible to over tweet?  I mean, I don’t want to run everyone off, now that I have over 70 followers – which I want to thank Up All Night Book Blog for most of those. If you haven’t gotten in on their drawing for a signed copy of my book, you still have about a day left.

Anyways, I hope that I don’t run anyone off, but I will probably start doing more tweeting now that I get how the silly thing works and see where it leads. Another new adventure – weeeeee.


If you want to follow me, I would love to have you, @SamJacobey, and feel free to retweet anything you like… I am loving this.

Reflecting Upon the Past

I woke up early again today – just before 4 am. I have been sick, and still not really feeling myself. Unsure of what I wanted to write about today, I just scrolled through my blog and read my posts, reflecting on what they said. Then, I realized what I want to say most today.

Reflection is something I don’t think we spend enough time doing in our busy world today. I know for myself, I do reflect about things, or obsess about events, but that worry over how things should have gone or what should have happened isn’t really reflection. It reminds me of JFK, where the “who and the what” are just for show, and keeps us from getting to the important part… the “why” of things.

True reflection is an honest evaluation of some event, why it was what it was. For example, when planning a lesson, a teacher goes through several stages, from gathering materials and planning, to implementing and instructing, and finally reflecting. That last piece is often left out, but is necessary if he or she is going to objectively look at the effectiveness of the lesson and carry that on to the next one.

So how does this apply to everyone else? Well, for starters, it reminds me so much of Dr. Phil, and his “and how’s that working out for you?” I have had a few people say this to me over the years, and to be honest it was a real eye opener. For example, it is far more effective than a lecture could ever be, as it requires self reflection and honesty from within. I have adopted it for myself, and try to use it when ever I can to get the people who are complaining about some aspect of their lives or some turn of events that seems to be recurrent in their lives to think about why this is actually happening rather than focusing on the events themselves.

There is that old saying, something about those who do not learn from their mistakes are destined to repeat them. We can’t learn if we don’t take the time to reflect, and with so much activity going on around us, who has time for that? I guess that is one reason I have learned to be an early riser, normally getting up at 5 am and not waking anyone else in the house until 6 am. I do this so that I have that first full hour to be calm and gather my energy for the day. It also makes me see more clearly, having the quiet without interruptions to impede my train of thought.

Specifically, I am loving this blog. More than I thought that I would, and looking back at my first few posts I can see and am reminded of how unsure I was about putting so much out for other people to read. However, I am now grateful that those posts are out there, and that I can look back over this whole process and… reflect. I can now see why journals are so effective for people who are wanting to grow and change, and I definitely recommend doing some type of blogging or journaling to anyone and everyone pretty much. You never know what you are going to learn about yourself when you have it in writing to go back and read.

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